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Company Reflexology Studies conducted by FDZ (Forenede Danske Zoneterapeuter)
(Danish Reflexology Association Research Committee)

In a few countries, reflexology has been recognized by the national government and either has already been integrated into the national health care system, or, is in the process of being integrated.  These countries are China, Denmark and, most recently, the United Kingdom. As a consequence, reflexology is used in these countries alongside Allopathic Medicine, and in China it is used together with Traditional Chinese Medicine as well.

You will notice that the vast majority of research studies on reflexology originate in these countries.

Results of Reflexology in the Workplace:

Research Title



Reflexology as Personnel Care in the Municipal District of Aarhus, Denmark -


3 Reflexologists employed by the municipality treated 143 patients over a 6 month period. 

* 79% were either cured or helped with their primary health problem

* 57% were helped with their secondary problems

* 30% became more satisfied with their jobs

* 92% wanted to continue reflexology

Take Good Care of Your Fellow Employees by Karin Kristenson, Inge Rasmussen and Elsebeth Moller, FDZ Research Committee, 1996

Municipal Reflexology in Svendborg - 1994

A report on Company Reflexology as applied in the Danish Municipality of Svendborg.  Involves 52 female employees.

* 97.5% had positive effects on their primary ailments.

* 77.5% had positive effects on their  secondary problems

* Medicine intake was reduced by 27.5%

* Absenteeism was reduced by 65.9%

Municipal Reflexology in Svendborg, by Hanne Terp, FDZ Research Committee, 1995

Company Reflexology in Telecom - 1993

Over a 2 year period a reflexologist employed by the Telecom firm of Taastup, Denmark treated 156 employees, who experienced:

* Positive effects on back pains, the musculo-skeletal system, headache, migraine, stomach and intestinal problems

* Sick leave was reduced

It was concluded that there was a direct economical as well as increased well being and productivity of the employees.

A Close-up View on Company Reflexology, by Leila Eriksen, FDZ Research Committee, 1993.

Municipal Reflexology in Ishoj, Denmark - 1992

A reflexologist treated staff of the municipality of Ishoj for six months.

*During the 6 month period the municipality saved Danish Kroner 215,000 as absenteeism was reduced by 2,500 hours as compared to the previous year

Municipal Reflexology, by Leila Eriksen, FDZ Research Committee, 1992

Odense District Post Office, Reflexology and Ergonomics in the Company - 1992

In a 3 year period 235 employees were treated for a number of health problems.  

* 170 reported a good effect (73%)

* 60 had some effect (25%)

* 5 had no effect (2%)

* Absenteeism was reduced from 11.4 to 8.5 days per person per year, implying

* Savings of 1 million Danish Kroner

Postal Reflexology by Synnove Madsen & Jette Andersen, FDZ Research Committee, 1993

Staff Study in Worcester Hospitals

28 subjects received one 40 minute reflexology session weekly for six weeks.  It was reported that there were:

* Significant improvements in pain, mobility, lassitudes and stress.

Staff Study Seen Within Worcester Hospitals, by Anne Jordan, First European Conference

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