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4:1 Double Extract 2 fl oz (59ml)*

Enhances Cleansing of the Liver and may be more effecive when dealing with parasites or Candida in the blood.

The Most Amazing Undiscovered Herb In the World!

What makes Chamae Rose so amazing? It is a very strong blood purifier and helps the liver, kidneys and lungs function at their optimal level by eliminating accumulated toxins. Most herbalists usually only recommend a detoxifying program for three or four days since these programs can also deplete the body of nutritional essentials that weaken the body. The most unique property of Chamae Rose is that it also has tonifying properties that appear to strengthen and purify the body simultaneously*. Chamae Rose can actually give you feelings of increased energy while fasting or cleansing.

Chamae Rose, botanically known as Chamaebatiaria millifolium, grows on the eastern slope of the Sierra Mountains. It's a sparsely populated small shrub that grows no more than a foot tall. It is not reported to have any medicinal properties in any herbal. It is written about in Peterson's field guide which claims that Native Americans used it for snake bites. But, at the site of the Etherium mineral deposit where we harvest it, this plant is so thick it forms the ground cover and can get up to three feet tall. The strong electromagnetic fields produced by the minerals comprising the deposit appear to have a profound effect on the vitality of this plant which in turn appears to enhance its healing effects on the body.

Reported Benefits of Chamae Rose:

Skin Care: The cleansing and purifying powers of Chamae Rose tends to beautify the skin. The skin becomes much more supple, improving color, tone, and elasticity*. Many women use Chamae Rose daily solely for this benefit.
Lungs & Throat: Chamae Rose loosens mucus from the upper lungs and throat almost immediately, making it easier to dispel through coughing. After a few days, its drying action should completely eliminate mucous build-up*. Eliminate mucus-producing foods.
Kidney/Bladder: Chamae Rose has a strengthening effect on kidney function. It increases the flow of urination, yet eliminates the necessity for nocturnal bathroom visits. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is the source of all energy. Perhaps the reason why so many experience increased stamina and vigor with Chamae Rose is its strengthening effect of the kidneys*.

The rare mineral complexes and the electromagnetic energy fields that surround the Harmonic Innerprizes deposit are at the foundation of Chamae Rose's unique healing abilities. Chamae Rose also provides highly therapeutic phytochemicals. Flavonoids; including quercitin, 3-0-glucoside, 3-0-glycosides, 3-0-rhamnoside, and 3-0 arabinoside; flavones apigenin and hispidulin along with broad-spectrum polyphenols are abundant in Chamae Rose. Flavonoids, flavones, and polyphenols are the most researched plant chemicals in the world today, renowned for their anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant activity. In fact, it is these phytochemicals that are the active ingredients in pine bark, grape seed, ginkgo bilob, and hawthorn flowers; some of the most widely sought after herbs in the world today.

Chamae Rose - Black Walnut

The Chamae Rose - Black Walnut Combination is formulated to provide 3 parts Chamae Rose and one part Black Walnut sprouts. This is a potent combination for purifying the blood and rejuvenating a sluggish liver.

Black Walnut has been traditionally used to remove tapeworms and parasites from the body, and eliminate fungal infections. Black Walnut also is used to clear liver congestion and is excellent for improving skin conditions. The leaves, bark and hulls have all been used for medical applications.

Our Black Walnut is harvested by a Native American Medicine Woman that collects the baby sprouts that surround the mother tree in the spring time. All the nourishment and energy from the tree is going into these sprouts. The medicinal properties are very potent, yet much gentler than what is found in the mature plant parts.

The combination of the two will provide a much stronger cleansing effect with a slightly less tonic effect. Clearing liver congestion and removing toxins accumulated within the urinary tract and kidneys have been reported. The positive effect Chamae Rose has on skin is accentuated with this combination.

Historical Background:

Chamae Rose is the heart of the Harmonic Innerprizes Story. The deposit was discovered because of a search that originated from stories being told about a Native American Indian woman who was curing AIDS from an herb that grew on her property*.

At first, Patrick Bailey, who has had over 23 years experienced in Research & Development in the dietary supplement industry, dismissed these stories. He sensed that the stories were exaggerated and even if they were true, HIV victims who pursued alternative therapies and life changes were having considerable success in controlling HIV. He felt it was the conscious choices that made the difference, not necessarily a specific therapy.

But when a particular friend convinced him that the stories were true, and that he could meet the Native American Indian woman, his natural curiosity for discovery took over. He was amazed at how young and vibrant this lady was, and fell completely shocked at knowing her age was 81. Not a gray hair on her head, she looked no older than 60.

She relayed how when she was 60, she had congestive heart & kidney failure. With her health rapidly deteriorating and no medical cures available, the elders of her tribe instructed her to pass on to the Great Spirit. Going to the lands that have been sacred to her, high in the Sierra Mountains, that night Jesus appeared to her in a dream. He told her that it was not her time to go and that she had much work left to do in this life. He instructed her to drink a cup of tea he handed her, and assured her it would make her well.

That morning when she awoke, she found herself surrounded by a shrub that she intuitively knew if she would dig up the roots and brew them, it would be the bright red tea that Jesus had handed her in her dream. It was, and she completely alleviated all her symptoms within a month.

She spoke for over four hours telling story after story on how she has cured literally everything for twenty years using solely that shrub. Cancer, diabetes, gangrene infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gout, bursitis, were among the many diseases that she successfully treated with the roots from her shrub.

"How can this lady be so successful with this herb, and nobody else has ever heard of it"; was what Patrick couldn't understand. As he was leaving, she happened to mention to him that the shrub on her property grew in a white mineral deposit, and in that moment is when lightening struck. He remembered a David Hudson lecture where he stated that monatomic elements of the platinum group, when in their pure form were pure white. Hudson claimed that these monatomic elements would have superconductive effects on the body and cure from any disease would be possible.

Four weeks later, laboratory analysis confirmed that the mineral deposit that the shrub was growing in has amazing properties and that it actually had a similar electromagnetic pattern that energy takes when it transforms into matter. No wonder this herb is so powerful! For more information on this phenomenon please see Etherium Gold.

NOTICE: If you have a life threatening disease, please do not use these products under the false assumption that if the Native American Indian lady cured many life threatening diseases that you can too. There are many, many other factors involved in curing any degenerative, life threatening disease. Please consult your attending physician before using any of these products for that purpose.

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